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Raising A Modern Day Knight

"What a Night! I wanted to tell you story about a conversation Cooper had on the Thursday night Before our ceremony.

Cooper and Coleman were trying to guess what surprise event we had planned for Friday. Out of Nowhere Copper said. " I know, we are going to Legacy Crossing and Mr.Matt and little Matt will be there." I was floored. All, he knew was we were going to do something special and he associated doing something special with Legacy Crossing, even though he had only been there one time nearly 18 months prior, Wow!

I wanted to share that with you to let you know how special it is that you are sharing Legacy Crossing with so many others. God is using What's Your Legacy? for such a higher good that I cannot describe it.

If there is one Cooper that you know of, there are a hundred you do not know about.  What WYL, Inc. is doing is having such a huge impact on so many today that there is no way it will not continue to impact even more people in the future.

Coleman and Cooper have the sword out on our kitchen table and I cannot tell you the number of times they have gotten it out and said the four characteristics of an authentic man, so cool!"

- B.M.

Father Daughter Campout

"After settling into our tent the night of our camp-out, I asked my two daughters, Daisy, six, and Sophia, four, what they would like to do together in the next year.

Sophia, who had enjoyed the first day of the camp-out tremendously eagerly said, "come here again." Then my six-year-old, Daisy, said her wish was that we could simply spend more time together cuddling and talking, without me having to work on the laptop or mommy having to constantly get up to clean house, just some time for us to really "be together" not just 'be around each other."

After hearing her wish, I could hardly breathe to reply to her with a tearful apology. I certainly felt both sadness and shame that i had let my job interfere and infringe upon my time with my family and even worse that I had not even noticed.

It is a lesson that I will not soon forget and one that I am grateful to have had. I am grateful to What's Your Legacy? and everyone whom gave me the forum to reconnect with my girls and grateful for my daughter for trusting me enough to share her innermost feelings with me."

- C.S.

Raising A Modern Day Knight

"I just wanted to say thanks for last night and the impact it made on my boys. Both were touched by the event, but I was most grateful for something my older son Micah said. I never cease to be amazed by his awareness of his own emotions and this was no exception. He said, "I don't feel like I have to be awesome anymore."

Let me explain, He had a really hard year in 3rd grade. He struggles with focus issues and failed to do almost any schoolwork. This meant, we did it AND his homework after school every night. He had no life. Plus, he failed to excel in sports and was teased and called dumb by his classmates. His teacher seemed ambivalent. We home-schooled him this past year to try to overcome his hurt feelings and self-image struggles. However, it is an uphill battle and he comes across a bit desperate with his friends.

Last night, I told him that he was good at a lot of things: he's funny, smart, handsome, crazy creative -- and all those things are great. But, most importantly he is really intuned to spiritual things and wants to honor God in his choices of video games and toys and that is the most important thing of all....

On the way home he said, "I don't feel like I have to be awesome anymore." When I asked what he meant, he said that he already had the most important thing, so he didn't have to worry so much about fitting in. He felt complete in who he was for the first time in a long time. That's huge!

Thank you for giving me the tools and opportunity to heal some of the hurt he's experienced. I look forward to many such moments in the years ahead."

- D.B.

Father Son Campout

"It was great to see Bud on Friday and hear his testimony! My nephew had a blast and fishing and riding the four wheeler. My four-year-old son caught his first fish and then caught five more! This was his third fishing trip with me and it is great that he finally got some fish on the line. He also loved the "motorcycle."
Drew's talk was so great and so inspiring, he made "having the talk" seem so much easier.

Thank you all so much for the gift of the camp-out every year, We love going and it was so much sweeter this year!"

- D.M., Broken Arrow

IMPACT Gatherings

"I could not be more pleased with the quality of experience Legacy Crossing provides. We had 17 or 18 men with their kids and without exception the kids and the dads were overwhelmed with the fun factor. We managed to get out of there with no bumps or bruises.

I had a blast being the facilitate this experience for these kids. It made me come alive.

I hope we left everything in the proper order. We cleaned the bikes as good as we could and I would be embarrassed if we didn't get all the trash picked up but I think we did.

Thanks to What's Your Legacy? for what you do and thanks for allowing us the opportunity."

- D.T., Tulsa

Life Groups

"How can a group of men gathering annually for a single 24-hour period truly impact one another's daily faith walk with Christ?

By coming together humbly as true "brothers" in Christ to listen, to encourage, to speak truth in love, to pray, to embrace, to give God praise and thanks for work in our trials, and celebrations. Through this heart-bonding experience in His midst, a sense of community love and genuine concern develops.

By transparently sharing actual life events over the past twelve months in extreme candid detail and revealing how Christ used the challenges, struggle, victories and failures to refine, mold, build-up, and glorify himself. Through this transparency, burdens are transferred, understanding of common struggles evolve and God's power is witnessed consistently.

By sending surveys to your wife and children requesting honest input and evaluation of your role as a man apart from the family, in your roles as husband and father, the using the results to better mirror Christ's love in the home.

Life simply happens. Life can be hard. Without Christ, life is without any meaningful purpose of any significance. With Christ and true brothers, life is powerfully enriched and abundant.

The reality and presence of Christ's love on Earth is shown when true brothers come along one another in times of real need."

Bear one another's burdens and thus fulfill the law of Christ. - Gal. 6:2

- E.R., Tulsa

Life Groups

"When a group of guys who know and care for one another get together and meet, there is usually lots of story telling, kidding one another, maybe some sports challenges or other "flexing" of muscles. That is the way it has been for many years and over the full gambit of men and their stages in life. This scenario is no different with a group of christian men whom make the commitment to meet on a regular basis and spend time listening to one another's life experiences.

When we all made this commitment ten years ago, some of us were already friends, other were acquaintances and others did not know one another at all. We are now brothers. In my particular case, not having an actual brother, these relationships have become very important to me. Knowing that I have a trusted group of men whom I can tell anything to without being judged is critical. They have listened and offered advice but more importantly they have listened and they have prayed. We are committed to prayer for one another when ever a situation arises. We also pray for one another throughout the course of our day. It gives me strength and confidence. These men really care and are a great support group."

- J.B., Broken Arrow

Raising A Modern Day Knight

"If you are a father wondering if Raising a Modern-Day Knight small group would be a valuable investment of your time, I would tell you there is not a better investment for your legacy in 2010.

Raising a Modern-Day Knight has been a major "influence" in the lives of myself and my boys ages 7 & 12. Our swords are still brought out at significant family events and even some "not-so-seemingly-significant" events.

Each time, my boys raise there swords high and repeat the characteristics of an authentic man. We talk about those characteristics many times a week as we are all striving to be on the journey to who God wants us to be.

The Raising a Modern-Day Knight program has forever "branded" our family in an immeasurable way! Do not miss this opportunity!"

- M.B., Tulsa

Father Daughter Campout

"I Just wanted to thank you for letting us intrude on Legacy Crossing and your time. What a great event for fathers and daughters. This was our first time to attend and my daughter loved it. I asked her what she wanted to do next month and she immediately said camping!

She really enjoyed caking her dad with Mud on the four wheelers and making smores. For me personally, I enjoyed the time for dads and hearing every ones questions and feedback.

Thanks again and we really look forward to next year."

- T.S., Tulsa

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