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To come alongside men, women and children to encourage and empower them to live a life of eternal significance & legacy.


Using God's creation and His gifting, invest in those that come our way by sharing life’s journey with them, impacting their life’s course, as well as ours, to become one of greater eternal significance & legacy.


Board of Directors and Campout Leaders

Drew Files Lisa Files

Drew & Lisa Files


Russ & Brenda Coatney


Matt & Carrie Benjamin


Kevin & Alisa Hogle

Dave Jewitt and Family Janice, Jeremey and Jeffery

Dave & Janice Jewitt



When the Baab family moved out to the country in 1992, the ages of their six children ranged from one to twelve. In 1993, they were blessed with another child. Their vision was to live a life fully invested in developing relationships, practicing servant leadership, and sharing what God had so graciously provided them. 


Their initial focus was on their children and their children’s peers, so they lived in a mobile home while adding facilities and equipment that their children and their peers would enjoy: a swimming pool, play park, ATV’s, and more.


As the years passed by, they focused on learning more about “being there” for their children and began to share their experiences with their friends as well as others in their community. They also learned quite a bit from those who were sharing life’s journey with them. Eventually, numerous events were organized on the Baab land to reach out to other families.


As an added blessing, the Baab's have seen their children, who are now teenagers to married with children, grow from participants to taking on a more visible servant leadership role as they support the vision. This new generation is not only motivated to carry on this legacy but their actions also introduced the concept of “Legacy Servanthood,” where next generation servant leaders, children from alumni, serve side by side with their parents during events.

Over the years, several unique events have surfaced, grown, and proven to have significant positive influence upon others:

  • Parent-Child Campouts: Where dads experience 24 hours of extreme fun, parent empowerment and quality time with their children.

  • Parent Training: Where dads are trained on how to invest in, validate, affirm and empower their children. Dads are also trained on how to share life’s journey with their children throughout their lifetimes.

  • IMPACT Gatherings: Where teenagers and young adults are trained and empowered to contribute to their communities through servant leadership concepts.

  • Life Groups: Where small peer groups of men are trained on how to share life together intimately practicing complete honesty, confidentiality and transparency; with the ultimate objective of finishing strong and leaving a worthy legacy.


Drew and Lisa Files, dear friends of the family and ones who were sharing life’s journey with the Baabs, affectionately referred to their land as “Camp Baab.” This name stuck until 2008 when a name was found that captured the spirit of what was happening on their land. Observing these Campouts, Life Groups, and more for several years, in conjunction with feedback from numerous participants, friends and advisors, it was concluded that not only was an individual’s legacy being altered, but consequently their family’s legacy was being altered, as well.


In their own words, “We were contemplating the concept of a railroad crossing as you watch all the railroad cars go by, and we thought, ‘that is exactly what is happening out there.’ Participants in those events come face to face with their life as it flashes by them and so many either modify or completely change their core values, which leads to altered legacies; hopefully, focused more on eternal significance.” The Baab's firmly believe God gave them the name for their land: Legacy Crossing.


If you ever have an opportunity to participate in an event at Legacy Crossing please be sure to look for the Baab family, as they would treasure the opportunity to learn more about your story.

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