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next generation


    Even though these are real campouts, we make these 24-hour getaways very relaxed and easy with a lot of free time for legacy building with your child. Team Leaders are available, feel free to approach them with any questions or needs.

There are multiple campouts each year, occurring in the spring and fall.

2023 dates are as follows: 


Father/Son April 14th-15th 2023
Father/Daughter April 15th-16th 2023

Father/Daughter September 15th-16th 2023

Father/Son September 16th-17th 2023


If you have multiple children of the same gender you are welcome to bring them together to one campout. 

WYL, Inc. has leased Legacy Crossing for these campouts. The Baab family will be your hosts and are glad to welcome you to their property.

We hope you will enjoy a quality experience with your precious child and that it helps you build an eternally significant legacy that gets passed down for generations to come.


Please bring the following items with you:

• Tent (short stakes only please)
• Sleeping bags/air mattresses and bedding
• Layered clothing
• Swimsuits and towels
• Toiletries and hand towels (restrooms and shower available)
• Fishing gear (minnows provided)
• Flashlights
• Bug spray may be required
All facilities, activities, and food are provided so come on out and make a precious memory with your child(ren)!
See you there!!

Please do not bring any off-road vehicles.


    What seems to work best is to grab a bite to eat at home or on the way and then head on out to Legacy Crossing. Set up your tent first (on the north or east side of the playground, all along the rock edge. Please avoid using tent stakes.) Then, simply make yourself at home doing whatever you and your child want to do.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our campout Greeter. He will also collect your Waiver and Releases and give you pertinent information regarding your campout.

We are looking forward to sharing this adventure with you!!



2:00 pm: Arrival and Set up Camp
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm: Free Time – All activities available
7:00 pm - 7:40 pm: Dinner – Burgers and all the fixin’s
7:40 pm: Fathers escort children to Kids Klub check in
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm: Father Time (Fathers share some time together)
9:30 pm - 10:30 pm: S’mores… A Messy, Gooey, Fun Time!
10:30 pm: Hit your tent for some quality time together with your child(ren)



7:00 am: Coffee will be ready! 
8:00 am - 9:00 am: Breakfast; Very Hearty…Always a camp favorite
9:00 am – Noon: Break camp and more free time
Noon: Head Home….see you next year!

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